Ilulissani Qullissat Ikinngutai - Qullissat's Friends


Officially opening at the summer reunion in Qullissat 2012 will be the 6. july

One of the main activities is that Greenland's Theatre led by the popular and born in Qullissat Makkannguaq Kleist in cooperation with Qullissat´s friends in Ilulissat, Premiere with their exciting musical theaterplay in Qullissat, contributing among Greenlands best and knowns intertainers, Rassi, Mike F. Thomsen, Kimmernaq and many more

What we have done

There are replacement roofing felt on Qullissat's friends two houses and have finished a total renovation of the kitchen at the village hall and replacement of its windows.

There are painted on many crosses in the cemetery, but nevertheless still rebuilding its entrance, expected to be completed in August.

There are many who have helped us with the renovation of houses and painting crosses in the cemetery and helped us with preparation of several common dinners, and the Board is grateful for the great support and hope that many will take initiatives for helping with the renovation for the future .

See you in 2011 :-)

What we do in 2010

Qullissat´s friends in Ilulissat has met and decided the date for a summer reunion:

- Official opening of summermeeting in Qullissat 11 july 2010
- Board return approx. 25th july 2010